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Get more style, ease, safety and joy to everyday dog care! Walona Dogs collar is a high- quality and stylish choice! Our eye-catching and unique collars are durable, easy to use and machine washable. The best choice for your best friend!
  • High-quality dog collar - designed and handmade in Finland with a very durable metal buckle.
  • The breaking point of the buckle:  200 kg.
  • The buckle is curved and easy to open with one hand.
  • Collar width 2.5 cm / 1"
  • Collar is made of high-quality, smooth and double polyester webbing, which is very durable, easy to clean, dirt-repellent and quick-drying. The luxurious, shiny surface is gentle on the dog's fur and skin.
  • Durable and welded D-ring. Breaking point: 180kg.
  • The collar can be cleaned by wiping or washing at 30 degrees in the washing machine.
  • For the smallest dogs, we recommend a plastic buckle


DESIGNED FOR SAFETY & DURABILITY FIRST -Strong multiple stitches, durable metal parts and strong polyester webbing ensures  your dog's ultimate safety

EASY & FAST TO WEAR - practical designs brings ease to everyday dog care!

BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE PRINTS- brings luxury, joy, and a refreshing change to your shared moments. Designs are made by our own artist Nea Pekkola, so you cant find these prints anywhere else. High-quality prints last a long time without fading. 

LOVED BY THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS  - Our collars have been proven to be durable, safe and loved by thousands of customers and all kinds of dogs. We also offer you a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return the collar if you're not happy with it and we'll return your money. 



Martingale Collars have 2 loops. The smaller one is called the "Control Loop". This is the portion of the collar that is attached to the leash and tightens when it is pulled. The second loop is the adjustment loop. This is the part of the dog collar that you adjust to the right size to fit your dog. A martingale collar fits nicely on a dog’s neck but tightens when it needs to.
Please note: Martingale collars should never be left on dog without supervision.

Put the collar as loose as possible on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar to the right size. The collar is the right size when a width of about three fingers is left between the metal straw during the tightening of D-link. You have to fit collar properly to make it work correctly. Do not left it too loose. 




Half- Choke collar has one adjustable loop, with a D-link on its head. The loop will be placed on the dog's neck. Collar tightens slightly, when D-ring is pulled. 


Put the collar as loose as possible on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar length to make it fit the dogs neck. The collar is adjusted right when you can fit two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. 



Non-choke collar is a single piece of collar that will be put through the dog's head and adjusted for the adjustment buckle. The collar was not tightened on a dog's neck with a D-link drawn.


Put the collar as loose as possible on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar to the right size. The collar is adjusted right when you can place two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.




Buckle collar contains a plastic black buckle and adjustment buckle, which allows the collar to be appropriately sized around the neck of the dog.The collar is adjusted right when you can place two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. Check the condition and durability of the collar and buckle every time you place that dog on the neck.

ALWAYS ATTACH LEASH TO THE BOTH D-RINGS! This ways your dog is always safe! Buckles can brake under pressure. When you have leash attached to the both D-rings, your dog can´t escape in any situation.



  • Available mechanisms: martingale, half- choke collar, buckle collar or adjustable no-choke collar.
  • Width options: 2.5cm , 3.8cm and 5cm / 1", 1,5" and 2"
  • Manufactured from high-quality, strong and smooth polyester webbing. Material is water & dirt repellent and easy to clean. 
  • Easy to adjust for the perfect fit. Wide adjustment range.
  • Metal parts are high-quality steel with welded joints that guarantees maximum strength.
  • Breaking load => D-rings : 200kg,  Metal tri-glides 50mm: 270kg, 38mm: 200kg, 25mm: 100kg
  • Multiple, strong stitching
  • Handmade in Finland with love and care

Measure your dog's neck narrowest and widest part to obtain the correct fit.

Breed examples offer a general guideline only.

Collar should be bigger than your dogs widest part of the neck and smaller than narrowest part



19-29cm/width 2,5cm

7,5-11 "/1"

Toy poodle, Yorkie, Chihuahua

19-38 cm/width 2,5cm

9-12 "/1"

jack russel, italian greyhound 

23-40cm/width 5cm

9-12 " / 2"

whippet, little saluki, poodle

31-50cm/width 5cm

12-17 "/2"

afgan hound, dalmatian

40-75cm/width 5cm

15 -27.5 "/2"

irish dog, german shepherd


50-90 cm/width 5 cm

XL 19-37.4 " / 2"


bull mastiff






UNITED STATES/ with tracking

7-15 Business Days / 6.9€ / Free orders over 50€


CANADA/DHL with tracking

5-10 Business Days / 8.3 CAD / Free orders over 50€



UNITED KINGDOM/with tracking

 5-10 Business Days / 5.9€ / Free order over 50€


AUSTRALIA/DHL with tracking

6-15 business days /9 AUD / Free orders over 76 AUD


EUROPE with tracking

5-10 Business Days / 5.90€/ Free orders over 5.90€


Shipping times are average delivery times. Custom clearence do not include shipping time. Covid-19 and holiday season may cause delays in delivery times .



All orders will be dispatched within 1-7 business day.  All orders will include tracking from dispatch to delivery. Orders will be shipped in durable packaging to ensure your purchase is not damaged during transit. Walona Dogs is not responsible for delays, lost or damaged shipments or orders sent to incorrect, invalid addresses or correct addresses. Walona Dogs will assist to trace a missing parcel.  Walona Dogs is not responsible for refunds of shipping costs in the event of delayed shipping due to product availability.


Some countries may require import tax, duties and related customs fees for the imports. Cost is not covered in payments you made to us. These charges, if applicable, are determined and charged by the customs office of the destination country. For further details of charges, please contact your local customs office directly.

Walona dogs main office is owned and operated in Finland. 



Walona Dogs offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our product, for more detail please email us at info@walonadogs.shop



Walona Dogs will offer a full refund on our products if it is in returned in the original, un-used condition. This refund will be minus the real shipping cost incurred for both sending and return. The customer will be required to pay any shipping and customs costs to return our product. If you wish to return your product, please email us at info@walonadogs.com

More than just a collar

Do you need a dog collar that's extremely durable, great in use, and lets your dog express his or her unique personality? Walona dogs collar is more than just a collar. It is a tool that ensures your dogs safety while offering a sense of beauty, love and fashion as well. Eye-caching and well-crafted products reflects the essence and personality of your best friend. They offer an extra sense of style and joy to your shared moments.


At Walona Dogs, we understand how important is to have durable, practical and yet stylish products to your best friend. We are dog owners ourselves. Our products are born from everyday life with many kind of dogs. We are committed to offering you high- quality and unique dog products that will last for years to come. We only offer products that we would trust and use with our own dog friends. Our products are loved and tested by thousands of customers and all kind of dogs.

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